A song of turning to God to let Him fill you. Again, if you need the chords, just drop me an email afg.email.afg@gmail.com

Verse 1:
The darkness closes in and I cant see, I cant see
My heart it fails my soul is weak
I need, Lord I need
Your light to break through my darkness
Your strength to restore my soul
Lord your life is my salvation
and Your love it makes me whole

Living water fall on me
Quench this dryness, help me see
Wash away my infirmity
I need You Lord, I need You Lord

Fill this dry and barren land
Hold me fast within your hand
Give me courage, help me stand
I need You Lord, I need You Lord

Verse 2:
The mountains shake they fall into the sea, into the sea
And all I've known it crumbles at my feet, at my feet
But You are the Rock Everlasting
And You remain secure
You're my fortress and my hiding place
And Your truth it will endure

The Lord is my light and my salvation
Of whom shall I be afraid
The Lord is my Rock and my Redeemer
In Him I know I'm safe

The Lord is a stream and a gentle pasture
The Lord He refreshes my soul
The Lord He is King, He is God forever
The Lord He is all that I know
You are all I know

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