HD 1280x720 - URL for this video: vimeo.com/melanieforester/trackdolly1

Smooth rolling, do-it-yourself track dolly project for under $50. Can carry a tripod or cam saddle, which can be secured to mounted U-bolts and eye bolts via velcro strips or web belts.

Four inline skate wheels glide on a pair of tracks made from 1 1/4" schedule 40 PVC pipe. Each corner wheel is paired with a perpendicularly mounted wheel that keeps the cart perfectly centered on the track - designed after side friction wheels common on roller coasters.

The track can be made to any length by joining pieces of track pipe together end-to-end. One inch schedule 40 PVC pipe fits snugly inside the 1 1/4" pipe. A twelve inch section of 1" pipe is inserted six inches into the end of the track pipe, and bolted into place. The remaining six inches is placed into the end of a second pipe track and also bolted. Precision planning, sawing, and drilling, is crucial to ensuring the two sections of track line up perfectly for continuous smooth rolling of the cart.

Although PVC pipe comes in 10 foot lengths, the pipe in this video has been cut down to 6 foot lengths to conveniently fit in the back of a short-bed pickup truck. The multiple sections of track pipe are stored in a custom-made travel bag.


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