video poem performance and music by Brian Routh


wealth is a man made measurement of greed…
no wisdom or knowledge grows from that seed.
perverted minds enslave the poor
forcing them to beg from door to door.
money is not even truly real
created to suppress all that we feel.
lying and cheating pave the way
so the sickest minds can rule the day.
they bully the weak and destroy all beauty
spread hate and evil like it's their divine duty.
perverting even the purest mind
making the innocent mad and blind.
destroying life is their disease
turning the earth into slime and sleaze.
God was created to justify wars
keep us obedient and follow laws
bow down to clergy and pay our taxes
doubt ourselves and divide the sexes.
love is stamped out of our hearts
teams are made to tear us apart
as we fight each other over who is right
using ideology to assert our might
who is right and who is wrong
praising gods and singing songs
killing those who disagree
not allowing them to be free
to follow their hearts and their light
locking them away and out of sight
for fear they will influence others
to disobey and not hate their brothers
armies brainwashed to kill and plunder
suppressing freedom with weapons of thunder.
brainwashed by media voices of control
we rush to consume and sell our souls.
objects and things rule our lives
money and power are our drives.
insecure and fearful we seek to fit in
to join the team that will help us win.
slaves to the rich we obey and perform
in a sort of sleepwalk we all conform.
waiting for others to risk their lives
we sit and hide inside our hives
we pretend that everything is ok
hiding and wasting away our days.
hoping that the afterlife will the one
that some god will pity us and hear our song.
the powerful and rich who rule and control
know what's best to make us whole.
let someone else fight for the sick and poor
we're happy hiding behind our doors
we don't need to wake up from our sleep
we'll huddle together like a herd of sheep.
let the poor starve and the sick die
that's god's job up in the sky.
after all we work and pay our taxes
we'll sleep and live here in our boxes.
the rich deserve their wealth and greed
so what if they hurt us and make us bleed.

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