This story began back in 2010 when our friend Rigo Pex a.k.a. Meneo, started working with Martín Inda.
Originally he was going to direct the clip, so he started shooting some green screen footage weirdness in Argentina.
Unfortunately, Martín passed away due to a cancer.

A year after, Rigo got in touch and asked us to direct the video. We received a hard drive with Martin's shots, in case we wanted to use it. We had no clue what Martín had in mind, but we definetely wanted to finish what he started.
So, trying to find out what could we do with those nameless frames, we decided we were going to destroy everything we learned so far and use all the nastiest resources we could find, such as default plugins, subliminal frames, paint effects, hue&saturation wheels spinning wild, bastard compositions and so on, in order to match the track's energy.

We hope Martín would be proud of it.


MENEO "Larele"
Subterfuge Records 2012 (
Live Action / DOP: Martín Inda and Nico Dyszel.
Live Action's Art: Ezequiel Bloise, Daniela Goldman and Juan Zevallos.
Make Up: Marianella Fidalgo.

In Memory of Martín Inda.


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