Directed by Dougal Wilson
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Imagine how hard it is for a child who suddenly finds all his stuff packed up into boxes and whisked away. Inevitable separation anxiety is followed by tears, lots of tears. But Dougal Wilson turns this usually sad story around, taking trust to an epic, stirring level with WCRS in his charming new spot for Safestore.

With his unique talent for extracting emphatic performances from young actors, Dougal creates a captivating, lighthearted story based on the strong bond between a little boy and his teddy bear. But this child is no wimp. He's a hero in the face of uncertainty, a warrior heading into battle, bolstered by his faith in the people who will look after his beloved things for a couple of months. It's pretty powerful stuff.

Dougal masterfully captures the earnest emotions of childhood, where every moment feels well and truly monumental. In this endearingly witty take on the Hollywood epic movie, he shows us how different things can be with a twist: a little bit of reassurance.

The story starts out with a rousing, rain-soaked speech, making us wonder who exactly this kid is trying to spur on, before things take a surprising turn as the setting is revealed. The classical soundtrack and dramatic atmosphere are reminiscent of a full-blown blockbuster movie, everything about it is epic. But there, in a box, is the boy's most prized possession. His teddy. It all becomes clear: if this little boy can trust Safestore with something so precious, then they can truly be trusted with anything.

The spot's impressive visuals were captured by 'A Single Man' cinematographer Eduard Grau and another dose of epic-ness was added by MPC in post.

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