Was my first attempt at IBCrazy's helical antenna, it's just a 4 turn but got me to 4.47km before i completely lost video, previous attempts with the skew planar wheel got me to 2.2km.

This was also the first time using my home built el-cheapo 2 servos and scrap of ply antenna pan tilt setup, wired up to the Eagle Tree EagleEyes.
The antenna tracking worked perfectly.

I do notice that my video feeds are a lot more noisy when running 2 antennas on the RX end, I think it has to do with the 1.5 (or multiples there of) wavelength separation rule, however I do have the antennas separated by 18cm (1.5 wavelengths). I'll try 36.8cm and see how it goes next time.

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