Timescape Entertainment presents
in association with Gravitywell Productions and X-Force

Director / Screenplay - Michael C. Poole
Producers - John Duza, Michael C. Poole & Phil Roberts
Based on the comic series Grendel by Matt Wagner

Hunter Rose / Grendel - Mick Towers
Argent - John Duza
Stunt Grendel - James Flores
Christine Spar - Rodsyl Vega
Narration - Jamie Hill
Police - Eric Atilano, Bart Cameron, Cat Clegg, Jason Lethert & Matt Morgan

Executive Producer - Dale Ahvakana & Joseph Pozo
Associate Producer - Mark Behar

Assistant Director - Dave Downes
Fight Choreography - John Duza & James Flores
Director of Photography - Dave Downes
Cinematography - Joe Tamez
Fx and Makeup - Kelli Wiley
Hair and Makeup for Rodsyl Vega - Olga Villareal
Grip, Teleprompter, Blood Distribution - Marci Bretts
Props - Jebediah White
Set Photographer - Bart Cameron
Edited by Michael C. Poole

Special thank you to Terry King
and to Jeff Cotta of the 10th Avenue Theater

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