raw video stream of a video installation made for the exhibit STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS.

video is somewhat of a mashup:
contains txt by me, goto80 & rosa menkman, all of which has been processed, mixed and layed out by code by marcin ignac. the graphics is made by thea sikker remin and then animated by raquel meyers. final video edit, has been done through DVD recorder glitches and decisions ruled by math.

in the installation setup the video is further distorted by projecting it onto the gallerys window through a mirror mounted on a speaker unit. whenever people pass the gallery, square wave sound will be played to the speaker and the video image will get shattered but the vibrations in the mirror / speaker.

music for the online version by goto80.


[update: this video has now been remixed to a 3min acid version by rosa menkman: vimeo.com/4293558 ]

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