A woman assures her anxious unborn child that together the two of them can resist the Four Gods of Folly that the world worships: Ignorance, Greed, Malice and Inertia/Despair... under which all human failures come. Made for the University of Western Australia's August 2012 Machinima Challenge V: "Seek Wisdom." It won third prize. In November 2012 it was shortlisted among the top ten films at the Machinima Expo, and it has recently been accepted for screening at the 4th Annual New Media Film Festival in LA this June. I was inspired to make this film by Hans Arkeveld's Celestian, owned by the UWA in Crawley, and beautifully reconstructed by Chuckmatrix Clip in virtuality. Music by Julien Boulier, jamendo.com CC.

The UWA in SL "Treasures" featured:

* Hans Arkeveld's "Celestian" (reproduced in virtual space by Chuckmatrix Clip)
* Paul R. Montford's "Socrates" (reproduced in virtual space by Chuckmatrix Clip)
* Lysippus' "Apoxyomenos" (reproduced in virtual space by Chuckmatrix Clip)
* And of course a peacock.

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