The film is a documentary dedicated to the scientist Aleksander Prus Caneira, born in Barcelona in 1928 and disappeared under mysterious circumstances from Turin, in 1992.
A physicist specialised in quantum and cosmic theories, anthropologist and essayist, founder and editor of the science journal Source, Aleksander Prus Caneira – a rather tormented genius figure – studied between Zurich and Princeton and contributed to the researches of his famous professors, namely Wolfgang Pauli, Eugene Wigner and John Archibald Wheeler. He was friend and collaborator of the physicist Hugh Everett III, of the junghian psychologist Marie-Louise Von Franz, and he held a long mail correspondence with the writer Jorge Luis Borges.
He taught at Princeton, as well as Zurich and Turin, where – between 1965 and 1976 he was active as a researcher in the teams of the Cosmic Physics Centre and CNR. His theories on the doors of the unconscious and on suspended portals – largely despised by the international scientific community – caused him to gradually distance himself from academia, until his final resignation from teaching in 1976. Since the death of his father in 1953, Caneira had been widening the scope of his studies on the invisible, trying not only to find answers to questions typical of quantum and cosmic physics, but also to find a nexus between space-time and dreams, archetypes, and the passage from life to death, through anthropology and field researches. By originally applying to such phenomena a series of concepts, such as Jung – Pauli’s synchronicity, Everett III’s theory of parallel worlds, and Wheeler’s geometrodynamics, in 1987, under the pseudonym Alek Arencia, he published the successful essay Life in the other word.

lenght: 23' 46''
format: HD cam
year: 2011

director: Eva Frapiccini
screenplay: Eva Frapiccini / Elisa Tosoni
cinematographer : Alessandro Chiodo
music: Nikos Kandarakis
editing: Sara Damagio
subtitles: Elisa Tosoni, Pierfabrizio Paradiso

© Eva Frapiccini
© Alberto Peola Gallery

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