The world cries. The resurrected problems are no longer being redirected on some one else, far away in space and time. The human mankind strengles himself and takes it's own breath for the future away. Our inner voices are being overruled by de voices of commerce, media and politics. The effect is auto intoxication of the society, everywhere you look around.

Is it five to or five past twelve? How are we being affected, if we are being confronted with a temporary, partly or even a complete Game Over of civilization, nature, culture? When everything disappeared and only a voice over can tell us what was once there. What will we do then? What do we feel then? Shall then our individual inner voice come back on normal volume again?

Linning shows, with her characteristic body language the transformation from five to twelve into five past twelve. With her dancers, she expores the non manipulated voice of the human being. The live voices of the dancers are integral connected with their movements and melt/blend with the composition of Michiel Jansen, who also composed the music for Synthetic Twin and Requiem.

Concept, choreography and costumes
Nanine Linning

Choreographic assistent
Danilo Colonna

Michiel Jansen

Loes Schakenbos

Caecilia Thunnissen

Chris Bauer
Mallika Baumann
Léa Dubois
Francesca Imoda
Tommaso Balbo
Gustavo Gomes
Jesse Hanse
Konstantinos Kranidiotis
Kyle Patrick
Erik Spruijt

Josanne Buiting

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