Conducting a job search is a daunting task of writing your resume, crafting your commercial and updating your LinkedIn profile. Searching for opportunities, networking, interviewing and follow up seems to never end. How do you know you are making progress or just spinning your wheels?

Learn how to put together a plan to keep you focused and on the path of success:

* Develop your Job Search Plan and set objectives for the metrics of success
* Write your Personal Marketing Message to sell “YOU” to everyone you meet
* See if your resume will pass the 30 second thumb test or just blend in the with rest
* Implement a networking process, tools and follow-up that creates a sales force selling “YOU”
* Utilize interviewing tools that make you standout and memorable to hiring managers

Frank V. Danzo, author of the book People Hire People – Not Resumes, is the Managing Partner of Career Networking Pro specializing in transition, career and performance coaching as well as working with business leaders to develop and grow their businesses. He has coached hundreds of individuals and over 4,000 people on the process of job search.

He is the co-founder of Executive Connections – Saint Louis and a board member of the Catholic Employment Network and Academy of St. Louis. Frank has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.

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