Love is a many splendid things, and one of it is this! Suren & Prem are a very loving & romantic couple, and very cute indeed.

I got to know them even better when we were discussing many things on the program of the entire wedding so that I can better plan my shoot. And, little that I know that they were match made.

I was surprised! I was like... what! Are you serious...? No way! I mean, I have seen many match made couples but not this kind. And, usually, they are the very shy and quiet type. But, this couple is different! Then, I m also surprise, a guy like Suren, how can he be match made..?

So, this was the question that I have in my mind that I never dare to ask them,... ‘Why? Why match made?’

And, when their wedding came, I really said to myself, that I really need to find out the answer to my question and I m sure many people do want to know as well.

So happen that Suren & Prem were in the VIP waiting room before the grand march in to the ballroom, I wasted no time and interview them on the secret of their love to each other! And, here it is, the video of their dinner highlights and a story of ‘Match made in Heaven’

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