Sound as Object: Cal Arts Spring Course/Workshop
Choreography for a Liminal Space

The Sound as Object workshop was conceived as a think-tank focused on questions and speculations about "physical thinking", a research and production workshop, leading to a collectively designed, interactive environment. A key question guiding the course: How are concrete and virtual cultures forming our logic by co-forming our posture, movements and stillness?

Collaborators: Justin Asher, Daniel Charon, Conor Fields, Simon Harding, Jinku Kim, Boone McElroy, Arturo Molinar-Avitia, Bryne Rasmussen and Tomio Ueda
with faculty Nina Waisman, Tom Leeser, Dave Mickey and visiting artist Natalie Metzger

Contemporary neuroscientific studies, presented in venues ranging from peer-reviewed journals on down to Cosmopolitan magazine bombard us with curious tales of deep connections between mental and physical logics. As physical computing increasingly embeds itself in our daily activities, what buried physical logics might technology be imposing on our minds and bodies? Readings ranged from neuroscientific speculations to critical essays on mind-body feedback loops by Hillel Schwartz, Marcel Mauss, Norman Klein, Michael Hardt with Antonio Negri, and others.

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