Fish & Ships is the vibrant & poignant tale of fishing Cook Strait - past & present “It’s an addiction that you just need to keep getting more of.” Tony Muollo - 3rd generation fisherman - Island Bay.

Tucked away on Wellington’s rugged south coast is the seaside suburb of Island Bay. During the early 1900’s, fishing families from Italy, Scotland and the Shetland Isles travelled here to begin a new life. Over the years the basic principles of fishing in Cook Strait have changed only a little. Strong tides and erratic weather have always been dependable adversaries, but in the 21st century a new threat has arisen that is changing forever the traditional way of life for the fisher families of the bay.

Fish and Ships is a case study of the New Zealand fishing Industry; told by fishermen descended from these original pioneers. Since the quota management system was implemented in the mid-eighties the industry has become a minefield of rules and regulations. The big boys are buying up the quota, literally ripping the backbone out of an industry historically dominated by owner-operators.

Duration 29mins Format 4:3 Letterbox Master XDcam 16:9 Widescreen /// Producer / Camera Rich Humphreys

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