Branding Agency | Les Télécréateurs
Directed by Alphabetical Order®
Executive Production | Les Télécréateurs
Production company | Aspekt

We have conducted the rebrand of french public service channel France 5, self defined as the channel of ‘Knowledge and Experience’. In addition to a new graphic system which we will soon present, we also worked on a concept for a series of 25 idents that would epitomise ‘knowledge’ as well as act as a clear link to the channel’s multidisciplinary identity.

It is simple, strong, challenging, epic, multidisciplinary, everyday, mesmerizing and beautiful all in one package. It is also very easily recognizable and sustains repeated watching very well.

The concept is as simple as it is strong; a multitude of things that move in the same direction, one following the other, like a chain reaction between completely different worlds. Its underlying meaning is stated loud and clear: knowledge derives from making new links.

The idents become a voyage in which the viewer experiences the ever changing world. Each shot is just long enough for you to grasp what you’re watching, but not too long that it bores you. It also instills in you the feeling of wanting more. Everything travels from left to right but sometimes a thing can reach the apex of its trajectory and start moving in the opposite direction.

And in the words of Alphabetical Order®, the talented directing duo to whom we owe this innovative project “this is of course about moving forward, striving, exploring, fighting, longing, pushing the limits and developing. It symbolizes what makes humanity prosper, what fascinates us in life”.

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