Collaborative Mapping for WiFi community mesh networks.
TidePools is a Master's thesis for Parsons, the New School for Design – Design + Technology Dept.

*Red Hook Footage:
Becky Kazansky

*Red Hook Initiative
***Primary Collaborator
Tony Schloss

***Community Change Workers
Khadija Toni Jones-James, Reg Flowers, Daniel Aiken, Carlos Viveros, Alisa Pizarro, and Nyoka Acevedo

***Youth Radio Group
Nykia Williams, Shakima Hayes, Jocelyn Rivera, Charlene Pratt, Jazz-hane Wade, Tabitha Roman, and Mohammed Martinez

***Additional Individuals
Anthony Fatato, Azula Crawford, Tiwan Burrus

*Voice Over
Fredrika Thelandersson


*Thesis Instructors
Scott Pobiner, Sarah Butler

*Thesis Advisor
Liz Barry


*Additional Video Segments from:


"How to use MTA Bus Time"
MTA info


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