A trailer for the 30-min. documentary by Susan Cohn Rockefeller. Aired on HBO in April 2010.

MAKING THE CROOKED STRAIGHT (2009) is a 30-minute documentary about one mans journey to save the world by saving one child at a time.

Dr. Rick Hodes has dedicated the past 20 year to helping heal the sick and poor of Ethiopia. Many of his patients are stricken with tuberculosis of the spine, a disease that creates massive humps on the backs of its victims. Eventually theyre forced into permanent forward-bending posture, which in turn prevents their lungs from working properly, and if left untreated leads to death.

Driven by his devotion to Orthodox Judaism and its belief that He who saves one life, saves an entire world, Hodes provides his patients with hospital care and has fostered 17 children, giving them not only proper medical care but also a home and an education.

Often compared with Albert Schweitzer and Mother Teresa, Hodes believes the only way to change the world is to be the change.

MAKING THE CROOKED STRAIGHT explores this remarkable mans work in Ethiopia, his unique family life, and the spirituality that has guided his choices and sacrifices.

For more information about MAKING THE CROOKED STRAIGHT and Dr. Rick Hodes, visit the film's website: makingthecrookedstraight.org.

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