This video was made for the Open Gov Summit happening on the 30th May 2012.

This event will help you address issues of software governance and standards, information assurance, and partnership among government, industry and the development communities in order to maximize the potential of open technology solutions in your own agencies and organizations.

“Life is about competition whether individuals, companies or nations. Open source and open standards are competitive weapons that can drive efficiency in IT markets whilst enabling the innovation of new industries. In today’s age, Governments that ignore this do so at the peril of their own future software industries.” -Simon Wardley, CSC

"[Open standards are] important from a long term perspective of humanity recording it's knowledge, and sharing it, and transferring it to the next generation also." - Venky Harihan, RedHat

"Open source is more than up to the task and more importantly open source is I think the way out of a situation which is fundamentally unstainable and which is already costing more than we can afford"
- Michael Tiemann, RedHat

"...innovation is kind of this magic means having access to information and the ability to manipulate, change and modify that information." - Michael Cunningham, RedHat

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