The New Italians
Documentary, 54 minutes
edited and directed by: Sherif Fathy Salem

Director of photography: Giuseppe Tonelli

Sound By: Valerio Graziosi

Production manager: Ramona Di Marco
Music by: Paola Crisigiovanni 
Completion Date: October 2010
Production Company: SPOT1.TV Film Production
Produced for: Aljazeera Documentary channel.

A female writer, a rapper, a dentist, an engineer, a young politician and a female student. They are sons of Arab/ Muslim immigrants, were born in Italy or being moved there when they were very young. They were raised in Milan, Turin, Bologna and Rome, all of them obtained the Italian citizenship except the student who is still struggling for it. Those are the protagonists of this documentary, through them we explore the world of the second generation in Italy, or as they prefer to name them selves; The New Italians.

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