In this demonstration video, we show KiwiViewer with the Point Cloud Library on and Apple iPad. First, we load a point cloud data file that has approximately 200,000 points with RGB color information, and was acquired with the PCL OpenNI grabber and a Microsoft Kinect camera. The application has a basic user interface for adjusting parameters. The voxel grid buttons are used to apply the PCL Voxel Grid filter with different grid sizes. Other buttons are used to apply the PCL RANSAC Segmentation filter, fitting a plane model to the point cloud at various distance distance values. Next, a point cloud dataset acquired with a Trimble laser scanner is loaded. This point cloud contains approximately 3.8 million points. It is initially visualized using a voxel grid size of 5 cm. The voxel grid filter is adjusted to a grid size to 1 cm, resulting in 1.3 million points. At the end of the video, the voxel grid filter is disabled and the point cloud is rendered at its original size of 3.8 million points.

Point Cloud Library:

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