idea, light, edit - vj emiko
actress - Ada Kornecka

video rec. by Canon 5D Mark II static on tripod - full TV version

Project description:

During the DJ Pasmo, Łukasz Napora’s authorial radio show in Czwórka Polish Radio TV,
there will be carried out a vj experiment in an improvised form.

Before materials VJ Emiko uses to create her sets finally find their place in “visuals folder”, they need to undergo a few significant stages:
- from the concept, the creation of a scenario and the design of a shooting project plan, through its execution, the best-shot selection, to the post-production and editing
- Only such a carefully prepared material is then used to be mixed live.

This time the vj set will be constructed in a totally different way:
- During 30-40 minutes visuals will be created in real time, directed and mixed live, not only devoid of post-production, but also of any chance for the best-shots selection.
- The initial point for a fully improvised scenario will be stage setting, props and an interaction between VJ Emiko and a model.
- The lens of a camera will be connected to the vj program and placed directly in front of the acress, Ada Kornecka.

Warsaw 2012

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