I love openFrameworks but I am not too keen on multiple windowing with GLUT. I while ago I wanted to create multiple oF windows with shared context but couldn't find anything on the web, so ofxNSWindower was born. This video is just a short showcase of the kind of things you can do with it.

Features include: multiple windows with a shared context, scrolling events, non blocking menu bars, the ability to view the same VBOs and other shared objects in separate windows and an easy architecture for adding OSX GUIs.

There is quite a big difference in the way applications are started and some oF functions that presume only one window don't work, but otherwise there is no difference to a normal oF app.

Each window is defined by a separate app, and any number of windows can be created from an app. There is a simple mechanism to add and remove windows and pointers to separate apps can be retrieved using a very similar method to normal oF apps (i.e. ofGetAppPtr()).

All the examples in the video along with the source and a quick start guide can be found at:


Warning: this is very experimentational!

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