Short clip of Los Jaichakers’ latest video piece Slow Burn II, based on Damaso Perez Prado’s rare 1980 Mexican film, A Fuego Lento. The film takes place in Perez Prado’s adopted home of Mexico City. The plot revolves around the drug trade, Los Jaichackers see it as a premonition of things to come in Mexico.

Perez Prado was the first Latin American artist to "cross over" internationally with a musical style of his own, "The Mambo." Long before samplers, turntables and computer technology, Perez Prado was experimenting with ideas of the remix. He began mixing Afro-Cuban rhythms with American Swing music and ambient urban sounds,samples of which he would then translate into various instrumentations in his orquestra

As writer David Goldberg describes, “Prado’s compositions are perhaps best marked by punctuating yells of "Ugh!" which is actually a slurring of the syllables in the phrase "dilo" which means "say it!" or "hit me!" "Dilo!" served as cues for his orchestra to start, end, and pause or shift tempos with a level of precision that allowed Prado to literally "cut and paste" elements of his musical imagination live and in real time… when Prado solidified Mambo in 1949 he also created the blue print for electronic DJ music”.

Los Jaichackers are taking Perez Prado’s approach to the idea of remixing as a cue in “Slow Burn II,” With visuals remixed by Julio Morales and a new soundtrack based on Prado’s music produced by Eamon Ore-Giron, A Fuego Lento is compressed to 24 minutes with no dialogue, just the pure magic of music and image.

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