This project is an examination of interactive installations in public space and how one such can be used to motivate play and social interaction. In order to examine this, the application prototype, Motion Theater, has been developed and tested in collaboration with Hjørring Library. Motion Theater lets the participants control silhouette characters on the screen utilizing motion detecting. The installation is designed to motivate play and social interaction and allows the participants to merge their silhouette characters into one character, which they control in cooperation, enhancing cooperative play and social interaction further. Motion Theater was installed at Hjørring Library for two days by which an experiment was conducted. Findings from the experiment show that it motivates social interaction, in that users interact physically with each other and with people they do not know beforehand.

Motion Theater is a 6th semester project from Medialogy,Aalborg University made developed by:

Kasper Hald
Nina Thornemann Hansen
Martin Lynge Jensen
Thorbjørn Milton Larsen

Supervisor: Preben Fihl :)

Project role and responsibility: Visual design, animation and programming of interactive graphics.
Project involvement: Analysis of interaction in public space, concept, experience design and experiment design.

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