An example of how the NWO is using satanically inspired unlawful man-made legislation, to exploit, undermine and destroy entire countries (including YOURS) and their people (including YOU) - because of not keeping the Covenant. There is ONLY one way to stop it/survive - by returning to The Way and keeping The Covenant - the Perfect Laws of Liberty (with Freedom, Protection and Justice for ALL) - as given to us by God.

If you see the truth of it, please help by spreading the word and re-uploading this video & the ones found at: (Please click on this text, to be able to read the entire description.)

Make sure to watch the following excellent film, which is a free download:
" The Nazi Banksters Crimes Ripple Effect"

What is The Jubilee really? - Cancellation of ALL Debts and redistribution of the land (Leviticus 25 verse 10).

Everybody TALKS about ending poverty. But who is really doing anything about it?

Politicians are instruments used to create poverty, so they will NEVER do anything to make our lives better, which should be obvious by now.

The ONLY way to END POVERTY is to make certain there are NO POOR PEOPLE.

The ONLY way to make certain there are NO POOR PEOPLE is to wipe the slate clean and start over, with all of the land and wealth redistributed EQUALLY among us all.

THAT is what the Jubilee is. It is part of The Law God gave us to protect us from evil and keep us free. If you are forced to have a job, then you are a SLAVE. Economic freedom is never having to worry whether you will have a roof over your head or be able to put food on the table for you and your family.

What will you do without freedom?

United under God's Perfect Law of Liberty we stand.
Divided under the evil rules of men we fall.
So let's occupy the Dail for the good of us all.
(November 5th, 2012 and onwards.)

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