“The Future Sounds Of Folk is not ethnomusicology for the faint-hearted; rather it is a journey to experience and rediscover the history and tradition of folk, not as the past, but one with a future, and one that would appear well worth waiting for.” – June Yap, The Wire (#318)

Imagining the sounds of the post-folk. The Future Sounds Of Folk attempts to use the diverse musical traditions of Indonesia as a starting point for the development of new and emerging amalgams of experimental/contemporary music.

This project is a collaborative work between Steim and The Unifiedfield.

The Future Sounds Of Folk toured in the Netherlands from the 01-20 of Dec 2011 at the Bimhuis (Amsterdam), Worm (Rotterdam), PK37 (Haarlem) and Paard Van Troje (Den Haag). This video is of the improvised duo of Machinefabriek and One Man Nation at the Bimbuis on the 08th of Dec 2011.

There is a CD release of this collaboration and it is available here - machinefabriek.nu/index.php/releases_-_collaborations/one_man_nation_en_machinefabriek

Machinefabriek - Sinewave Generators + Other Electronics
One Man Nation - Computer

Camera - Vivian Wenli Lin


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