This short film was made for and won Best Film and Best Sound Design in the 48 Hour Film Project- Amsterdam
Editing in such a project was extremely fun and challenging- We were still rendering and adjusting titles while on the road to deliver the project.

Executive producer: Marilyn Bartman
Director: Aaron Rookus
Dop: Willem Nagtglas
Script: Kelvin Korteweg
Creative producer: Hannah Wiersma
Production manager: Tamara Saelman
Eva: Dana Goldberg
Victor Pinto: Sergio Hassenbaink
Female 1: Joy Ckili
Male 1: Mourad Saber
Female 2: Thiska van den Heuvel
Male 2: Derkan Atakan
Camera assistant: Dave Damon
Gaffer: Barend van Balen
Sound: Dave Frederking
Sounddesign: Stanley Arts
Music: Stanley Arts
Editor: Nic Kroone
Assistant director: Sanne Kortooms
Production assistant: Pia Coops
Production assistant: Patrick Duk
Runner: Danny de Graaf
Art director: Anna Meijer
Setdresser: Pia Coops
Setdresser: Debra van Kleef
Fashion styling: Christel Benning
Styling assistant: Thiska van den Heuvel
Styling assistant: Nienke van Duinkerken
Styling assistant: Marjolein Dammers
Hair&Make-up: Danielle Trilsbeek
Make-up: Chantelle Pitt
Special effects make-up: Sandra Kuppens

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