The Last Supper
DIRECTOR Arno Bouchard
EDITOR Ivan Winogradsky


About The Last Supper

The Man goes to the encounter of the Woman in a mysterious place where creatures live. While making love to one of them, he becomes her by changing gender. He opens himself to creation and the possibility of motherhood. He will be judged not for who he is, but for what he wants to become : God.

On her side, the women, as she is impregnated, becomes two. She becomes a mother. She becomes mortal. As she gets pregnant, she reduces her freedom. Yet she refuses to keep this child to keep on being free.

This act isn’t a humanist act trying to deny a child’s life in a doomed world. This is the most selfish expression. An ultimate protection act. Having a child it is loosing our freedom. It is loosing your right to die.
Abortion and guilt that follows only brings to an alternate self, monstrous, ghost around the living, condemned to torture and roaming. To the lonely night with the blind eyes.

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