WARNING: This video contains imagery of a sensitive nature, and is not suitable for children.

Dr.Will Fowlds - Vet and Conservationist, relates the personal emotional conflict that he experienced on being called to treat a rhino that was still alive after having his face mutilated to hack away both horns in a poaching incident. Will had known this rhino from birth and was now faced with the awful decision as to whether there was any chance of saving the animal, or whether it would be more appropriate to put him down.

The horns are illegally exported to China or Vietnam for so called "medicinal purposes", despite there being absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any beneficial effect of keratin, the substance of which rhino horn, human hair and fingernails and horses hooves are composed. Due to this mythological medicine, powdered horn is now worth more, gram for gram, than either Cocaine or Gold, on the black market.

This video has been produced to demonstrate to the world just what lengths the greed of certain individuals will go to, and the horrendous inhumanity dealt out to this historic and iconic species, so much so that the whole species is now under threat of extinction.

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation has been established in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, specifically to defend and protect these animals.

Camera: Tim Chevallier - - Music: Tessa De Groote - - Stills: Mike Holmes - - Editor: Jim Turnbull

See also Rhino Poaching - The Chipembere Foundation, vimeo.com/43662925 , which illustrates how each one of us can contribute to the future of this species.

With thanks to Brent Cook of The Chipembere Rhino Foundation - - - chipembere.org

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