All of You’ Television Show

We seek funding for completion of 'All of You', a 23 minute pilot episode for a surreal comedy series made with People with disabilities. The show, half completed, has been in development & production for two years by the Animation Class within Footscray Community Arts Centre’s Artlife program.

'All of You' is an interabilities collaboration between people with disabilities and other artists working in animation, theatre, dance and music. The show is presented in a segmented format with short comic vignettes of animation, puppetry, green screen, costumes and vox pops. Shows such as 'The Muppets', 'Sesame Street', Spike Millligan's 'Q' and 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' are inspiration for the sometimes chaotic, often cheesy and mostly just plain silly atmosphere of 'All of You'

Six episodes are planned – each will investigate an emotion and the culturally associated body organ. This pilot episode, now already half completed, will look at ‘Love, sadness, happiness and the heart’.

‘All of You’ seeks a re-branding of disabilities by presenting PWD in a surreal comedy context that is slightly subversive and gently political. By teaming PWD with artists established in their field we hope to give voice to the fact that all of us need and appreciate silliness and laughter in our lives. All of you, your whole body, needs that.

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