Desertus Antipotes (Desert Antipote) is an experimental film I decided to make with a good friend while en route to NAB Show 2012. Utilizing a variety of beautiful, vintage Lomo Anamorphics we took a scenic detour through Mojave National Preserve and eventually found ourselves on the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

This film is about opposites (antipotes): Mojave and Vegas. While both places relatively coexist within a similar environment they are inherently different sides of the same coin. The noun "Desert" is defined as "lifeless, without vegetation, uninteresting"; this relies heavily on one's perspective.

Cinematography - Brandon Moore & Daniel Garcia
Editor - Brandon Moore

Lenses Courtesy of - Daniel Garcia

Shot on Panasonic AF100 w/ Letus Micro 4/3 to PL adapter & Lomo Anamorphic lenses 50mm, 80mm, 100mm.

Filmed on location at Mojave National Preserve & Las Vegas, NV. 2012

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