wiredsport.com/ Wakeboarding has exploded into one of the most exciting action sports around. What better way to spend a sunny summer day than out on the water ripping with friends? Wiredsport knows that between the boat and gas and/or a ticket to the local cable park, riders have already invested a fair amount into the sport. Our goal is to ensure that you can get the rest of the equipment you need without having to empty the bank. With the Wiredsport Wakeboard Package Builder riders can easily find quality equipment from brands like Hyperlite, CWB, Byerely, Proline, Bern and more, for prices unmatched in the industry.

Don't spend hours searching for a wakeboard and then for bindings, a rope, vest, etc. individually. Our wakeboard package builder lets you quickly scroll through a list of each item you may need, pair them up and have you set to ride in minutes. The best part, when you use the wakeboard package builder you instantly save with the special package pricing for combining products. Whether you need all the accessories like vests, helmets, and bags, or you just need a wakeboard and bindings, our package builder will help you find everything for faster and cheaper than anywhere else.

The package builder is easy to use. Simply decide what items you need, click on them and scroll through the drop down list to make a selection. Each item will display a picture of it when selected and either raise or lower the $249 base package price! See a wakeboard with a "+$20.00" next to it, selecting that board will raise the package by $20 to $269, see a pair of bindings listed with a "-$15.00" those will add an aditional $15 of savings to your package. It's that simple. Pick from wakeboards, wakeboard bindings, tow ropes, helmets, life vests, and even tubes to put together the ultimate water package for your summer fun!

What are you waiting for? Start saving some cash and ensure you have the summer of a lifetime enjoying the sun, waves and friends this season by shopping with Wiredsport.

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