¡Viva Jazz! Juilliard Goes to Spain. A documentary that pulls the curtain back on the creative process of learning jazz.

¡Viva Jazz! unfolds dramatically as six young Spanish students go from complete jazz novices to budding jazz artists, guided by some of the most accomplished teachers in the field. Over one week, as they converge on the Juilliard Workshops at Spain’s world-renowned Vitoria Jazz Festival, their musical, interpersonal, and performance skills, and their ability to cope as the final recital date closes in on them will be tested. Using as a backdrop the picturesque Basque country and the star-studded festival—stage this past year for legends like Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins and Cassandra Wilson—the film also shows what can be accomplished when people of different backgrounds join forces in the common artistic cause of carrying on the jazz tradition.

The production team of award-winning producer Lorne Lieb and highly regarded arts writer Valerie Gladstone has partnered with six-time Emmy winning producer Alvin H. Perlmutter and his Independent Production Fund to produce the documentary. The project is advised by nine-time Grammy winner and Juilliard Workshop co-founder Wynton Marsalis. Along with the broadcast, the producers plan for an interactive website, and extensive outreach around the country in order to turn the documentary into an ongoing jazz education tool.

This reel is a sample of the types of stories and characters the film will include. It gives a sense of the larger picture. Filming begins in 2009.

For more information, please contact lorne @ Plowsharesmedia.com .

Footage shot by Jose Ivey.

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