Great Value for it's Price. "Best follow focus on it's price range"
1) AB stop switch can be easily turned on/off
2) The gear is changeable mod 0.8 0.6(for fuji lens) 0.7
3) The gear can be put on either side of the gear box(the space between the camera, c arm and matte box is limitted, so it is very useful function)
4) 15mm quick release clamp help users easily mount it on the rods
5) The mark disc can be easily take off, if it is scratched change a new one.
6) Arri standard port for whip/ speed crank
7) precision bevel wheel inside( an important craft to make sure no backflash)
8) Dovetail design of the ff-02 make it easiy adjustable (horizontal direction) More important is that the follow focus won't shake when the cameraman is using it.
9) Dust proof cap.

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