FLOOW2 dramatically both lowers costs and increases sustainability.

An online intermediary service for companies.

Many production companies are suffering in today’s economic climate. Margins are under pressure and most possibilities for reducing costs have been exhausted. Legal measures and public opinion are insisting that more attention to given to sustainability. Unfortunately this often conflicts with profitability. It is a seemingly unavoidable stranglehold.

FLOOW2 (pronounced “flow-two”) was entrepreneur Will Robben’s idea and he has been a major force in developing the online marketplace which assists companies to both lower their costs and work more sustainably. It is beginning in the Construction and Agricultural sectors but will operate in many other areas soon.

Little use is made by companies of equipment of fellow companies. Via FLOOW2, companies can rent equipment; from excavators to cranes, threshers to tractors, easily from others and lower their costs. They can also rent out their own equipment and generate a higher return on their investment. Renting can be done with or without crew.

floow2.com, produced by tomhaenen.nl & Willem Mels

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