Ciubaka Highline was rigged between Zadni Mnich and Western Ridge of Cubryna in High Tatra Mountains, Poland, on 10th of August 2011.

Lenght: 25m
Height: 50m over the notch, 2172m above the sea level

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In Janek Galek's - author of Ciubaka Highline - own words: "I discovered the void in between the peak of Zadni Mnich and the west ridge of Cubryna peak during my first climbing experience in Tatra Mountains, Poland, and for the next five years the idea of putting up a highline to link that space was growing somewhere deep in my subconscious. In 2006, during climbing, the view of Zadni Mnich and the thought of spanning the line above the ridge of Cubryna caused a big emotional surge, though these emotions where quite the opposite of enthusiasm or self-confidence. At that time I had walked about four highlines, however none of these lines were located in a mountain environment and the longest of them was 20 meters while the highest was 30 meters above the ground. That was my main excuse that I had no clue how long or how high the potential highline spot was. That day I thought, “too long and too high …”

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