Have you ever wondered what twitter tastes like?

Tasty Tweets is a data visualization experiment that allows users to explore current twitter trends through taste, with a press of a button.

Using the Twitter API, it collects tweets containing mentions of specific fruits such as blueberry, pineapple, apple and carrot and creates a smoothie that represents the blend. The smoothie is created based on the same proportions of fruits collected from the tweets. Because twitter trends change quickly, each smoothie has a unique palette of flavors.

Data from which the smoothie is created are graphically represented on a computer screen. It shows the proportions of flavors in the current smoothie as well as the most recent tweets from which the smoothie was created. Furthermore, a historic view of past smoothies allows users to compare trends over time.

To add another dimension to the visualization, Tasty Tweets is constructed in a way that makes it possible to layer the different juices within the glass. The layering of the juices results in a visual representation of the proportions of flavors in the smoothie – a graph in a glass. Tasty Tweets allows the user to experience twitter in a new way.

It is a result of a one week Data Visualisation course at CIID, taught by Golan Levin (CMU) and Marcin Ignac. It is a fully functional prototype.

Kostantinos Frantzis - kfrantzis.com
Kat Zorina - katzorina.com
Ruben van der Vleuten rubenvandervleuten.com

Check out a behind the scenes video we made: vimeo.com/42694596

For more info please see ciid.dk/education/portfolio/idp12/courses/data-visualisation/projects/tasty-tweets/

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