I was asked to do a direct comparison between the inexpensive EM320 Shotgun mic I recently reviewed and the Zoom H4n to create some reference point.

I originally purchased the mics for the specific reason of being able to use them at greater distances from my camera. The only other shotgun I had was the original Rode Videomic. Since it doesn't utilize XLR, I was basically limited to about a 10' extension.

So here you go. I really think that the room acoustics have a LOT to do with the quality, or lack of, with the audio. I have laminate flooring, not carpet, so there is probably a great deal of reflection going on.

I was expecting to hear a night and day difference though, since both the shotgun and H4n were the same distance away from me. Now, after hearing them both I can see where the EM320 might be too "bright", but I'm still very pleased with the performance and it held up nicely to the H4n.

I didn't post these videos to disparage any piece of gear. I like to save money when I can and I like to be able to "give back" to the community that has helped influence me on the gear that I have purchased after watching reviews.

Hope this helps put things into perspective.


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