This is the final part of my review of the new Sony super 35mm camcorder the NEX FS700. Not a replacement for the FS100 but a more featured and more expensive version.

This review was done on my own time for the readers of my blog and the vimeo community. If you feel it has been of use to you feel free to use the new tipjar feature on vimeo! No obigation! All money received goes into making future reviews as they take so much time and resources...for a more detailed explanation please visit my page here:

Part 1 was on slow motion. Part two is the pros and cons. Looking at the image, low light performance, handling and much more!

Read more on my website here:

Music is from the music bed.

There are a few shots of my dad smoking a cigar in the video and I do not approve of smoking. It is bad for your health and my dad volunteered to do his signature shot for this video. I am trying to get him to quit.

PTC and BTS camera was the Canon C300

I was not paid for this review. This was done for readers of my website. For more about my ethics visit the blog post and read the ethics statement:

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