Teaser Trailer of the post-apocalyptic short film 'Anathema' by Ids Aalbers

You can watch Part III here: vimeo.com/106758812
You can watch Part II here: vimeo.com/86237545
You can watch Part I here: vimeo.com/72594873


Daniel, a soldier, wakes up from a nightmare and finds himself in a ruined and abandoned city. Without any memory of what happened he starts looking for his team, one of which is very dear to him. After finding a clue he meets a lonely pastor. The man, introducing himself as Virgil, tells Daniel he might know where his teammates went. Although Daniel remains vigilant, he knows he has no choice but to follow him through a world that isn't what it looks like.

The film was made by a small group of student graduates in the course of three years. They started shooting back in 2011, but during the last day of an eight day shoot the footage got stolen from their car. Only two months passed after the theft when the group returned to Belgium and started shooting the film again, entirely. After that, the film's director spent two years to finance the VFX and finish the film in his spare time.

It was shot entirely with a Canon t2i (550D) with Contax Zeiss lenses.

For more info, check out: anathemafilm.com

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