Winnipeg Film Group Greenmoviefest Winner 2009

ali mobo nino is a futuristic/voyeuristic longing for the reciprocation of attraction between metallic energies

ali mobo nino is about robot feelings

ali mobo nino is a scathing critique of exploitative resource extraction in the post-apocalyptic city

ali mobo nino compiles found footage of the Art City workshop Robot Factory held on April Fool’s Day 2009, taken by one young boy, with video and still images taken at Syrotech Industries Ltd e-waste warehouse. During the Robot Factory workshop, Art City participants recycled various forms of e-waste destined for recycling plants or landfills, in either Ontario or China, into beautiful and haunting robotic entities and formations. Some of the heads of the robots produced at the workshop were photographed, suped up and then motion tracked onto the characters found in the footage from the Robot Factory workshop to re-imagine both the meaning and context of the original footage.

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