For the opening ceremony of !f Istanbul International Independent Movie Festival, as a suprise event, The Crane is made by a huge trans-discipliner team including coders, illustrators, animators and musicians. Using iMAX systems and its glasses, the movie has chance to turn into an interactive 3D movie. Its reaction is linked to the sound of a live orchestra which is a temporary gathering of unusual musicians. This interaction has directional influences on some 3D computer generated parts of the movie in a way of many different ratios.

Main story belongs to a girl with dreams, support and motivation come from !f Istanbul, producing by nerdworking, performed by the orchestra with 300 audience mass interaction. Theme of this year is ''People Power'', so you will see it at the end of the performance.

Please read carefully and start to spin in the universe.

Caught the hand of The Human,
With one wing, The Crane,
Drawing out the other to The Universe.

The Universe pulled and ascended,
The Human and The Crane,
Up to the sky, the seventh.

The three whirled as one,
Ripen into whole, altered to a Sage,
The eternal cycle has begun.


Konsept / Concept: Özlem Ölçer
Sanat Yönetimi / Art Direction: Candaş Şişman & Özlem Ölçer
Görsel Etkileşim Tasarımı & Yazılım / Visual Interaction Design & Coding: Osman Koç
3D Animasyon / 3D Animation: Candaş Şişman
Prodüktör / Producer: Elif Demirci

Müzik / Music
Görkem Şen - Yaybahar
Volkan İncüvez - Gitar / Guitar
Gökçe Gürçay - Davullar / Drums & Percussions
Ayşe Akarsu - Davullar / Drums & Percussions

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