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Download or stream the audio at SoundCloud: snd.sc/JuNbUu

A live looping improv jam performed entirely on a DJ TechTools "MIDI Fighter 3D" controlling NI's Kontakt and three separate instances of NI's Massive, as well as three loopers in Ableton Live. All of the arcade buttons are set to a chromatic scale starting at E on the lower-left button. The loopers are controlled from the side buttons. The bank-select buttons arm the MIDI track and instrument for that bank. Ableton's tempo is set after the first loop is recorded.

The first green bank is controlling NI's Kontakt. A filter's cuttoff and resonance is assigned to the right and back tilt. The 2nd yellow bank is a monophonic instance of Massive, with the same filter controls as the drums. Vibrato is controlled by a forward tilt. The third purple bank is a polyphonic instance of Massive, and the fourth orange bank is another mono instance, with some slight changes in its oscillators to set it apart from the other two Massive banks.

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