Kate Sylvester
All My Heart
Spring Summer 2012 / 2013 Collection

“We shall go to a place I have in the south of France: a white washed villa on the shores of the Mediterranean. There we shall live a happy life. Jane, you understand what I want of you? Just this promise – ‘I will be yours, Mr Rochester.’”
“Mr Rochester, I will not be yours.”
What would have happened if Jane had given in to Mr Rochester? If she had not run away across perilous moors to starve, freeze and be patronised by Mr St Jon Rivers?

For Summer 2012/13, Kate Sylvester presents All My Heart, a collection that explores an alternative version of Charlotte Bronte’s 1847 classic Jane Eyre – one in which Jane accepts Mr Rochester’s proposal to run away to the decadent South of France, where they live a life full of sun, love and happiness...

Music by Surf Friends - Sunny Day

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