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I'm proud to present our spot for the Belgian Development Cooperation. I worked on this spot for a few months, and can say I'm happy with the final result. Production wasn't straightforward as the spot does not have a voice-over, which means the visuals alone have to tell the story (along with the sound effects). And on a technical level, the fact that the spot is basically one long sequence didn't make things easier.

Some details:

- All elements except for the hands are animated in 3D.

- No concept art was used, apart from a few storyboard sketches. The look and feel of the spot was established during production.

- The school cafeteria was originally a market scene with all sorts of food and spices (a render of the original scene is included in this

- My own artistic skills were used to create the children's drawing :)

Some technical details:

- The spot was rendered using the new Physical renderer (Cinema 4D R13) . Except for small things like color correction, no post work was applied.

- The growing plants and fluid sim were created using Dpit Plants & Effex. Apart from this, no plugins were used.

- Thanks to a few optimizations and tricks, each frame with Indirect Illumination rendered under 30 minutes a frame, which made it possible to render the spot in-house.


Modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, compositing: Marijn Raeven
Additional modelling: Pavel Zoch
Rotoscoping (hands): Jean Pourveur
Live shoot (hands): Emanuel Vanderjeugd
Sounddesign: Kwinten Van Laethem

Director: Benoit de Clerck
Producer: Jasper Moeyaert (Geronimo)
Client: Geronimo/Belgian Development Cooperation
In association with Labrats

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