All of us, to one degree or another, know that our country faces what may be its most trying economic times in all of its history. We also know that in the twenty-first century we are more integrally intertwined with the world economy which may be in worse shape than our own country - so much for macro-economics. Although it seems like I can do very little about the national-global financial crisis, I realize that individuals find themselves in their own disastrous financial microcosm. Our country, our world, is a mere reflection on our own monetary philosophies and consequent abuses.

Many of us are living beyond our means, in fact, in some cases, well beyond our means. One example: this past year debt attributed to school loans for the first time surpassed credit card debt in the USA.
In addition, we have been conditioned to think that we are entitled to success, wealth, and the lifestyle of the rich and famous. In the process we have muted our consciences when it comes to moral responsibility in what we buy, when we buy, and how much we buy.

We have also been led to believe that we can have all this without sacrifice. Gambling, which fifty years ago was done in back alley establishments is now run by the government - just a dollar and a dream. The link between work and reward is also being severed by an increasingly overbearing welfare, cradle to grave, mentality.

On top of all of this – we need to make sure that our children have more than we have; entertainment, luxury and bling is king; we have super-sized our meals and bellies; we all set our sights on an early tropical retirement.

Christians live like atheists. They get caught up in the same fads, trends, frivolous fashion and financial deals. Indulgence is the foolish way of life.

None of this is biblical. All of this impacts our practically pagan view of money. Unquestionably, we live in a culture, in a world, that has a very perverted view of money and Christians have been sucked into thinking like and acting like those who have had little or no concern for others and eternity.

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