Darrin Lee

The instant, the bliss- the righteousness of completion when it fits just as you’ve felt in déjà vu.

The moment you define your most profound dream is the second you realize it may be just that.

You have to consider the possibility it may very well never come together- it may just be a subconscious happy place to make yourself feel good.

What if we are all marching an infinite conquest with no resolution, no finish line, no end?

We must prepare to lay in our own demise before seeing our most profound goal come to fruition.

Forever anxious and weary, waiting for that culminating moment in our minds that will feel as right as the bones beneath our skin… that may never materialize. Just a mirage in the desert.

… and so be it.

If we can accept the odds and know it may never happen, but still be happy hanging along the ride, dragging our worn souls towards the illusion- we’ll realize we’re already there.

We’re reaching for something that has already found us. Dozing for a dream that is actualized when we’re awake.

Never quit, never stop running, and take all that comes with it. Being content in the struggle is the key to overcoming.

What you’re fighting for is already in you. Live it.

Music: "Gutter" by District (Chestplate)
c/o Sebastian Veldman & Audiobrawl

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