When Nokia wanted to showcase the green credentials of their new smartphones, and show their reduced carbon footprint, we knew only a natural, recycled and recyclable material would get the message across. We created a tactile paper animation that integrated perfectly with their existing campaign. We also designed and animated the new ‘Think Green’ paper logo.


Client: Nokia
Agency: Incredibull

Directed by
Nearly Normal

Creative Direction
Jaime Kiss & Saulo Jamariqueli

Jaime Kiss & Saulo Jamariqueli

Art Department
Pedro Meade
Tanmhiz Fatimah
Hettie Griffiths
Noam Levy

Director of Photography
Saulo Jamariqueli

Camera Operator
Jess Deacon
Clayton Junior

Saulo Jamariqueli
Hettie Griffiths
Jaime Kiss

Saulo Jamariqueli

Soundtrack Composer
Luca Sammuri

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