“Prepare provisions for yourselves for within three days you will cross over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land which the LORD your God is giving you to possess. Joshua 1:11

One of the most powerful stories in the Old Testament is the crossing of the Jordan River by Joshua and the Israelites. After 40 years of wandering the desert, they were finally going into the promise land. Preceding this event, an entire generation had died off because of unbelief. The ‘Exodus’ generation had missed their opportunity to enter into their destiny as a nation.

This ‘Joshua’ generation had an equal test of faith to their forefathers- will you trust God to cross you over into the promise land? In front of them was the swelling Jordan River, which was impassable. This obstacle presented a huge challenge to this generation. Either they step into the river by faith and believe that the Lord or return to the wilderness.

Men, we are entering a new season of Activation at Believer’s Edge. We are like the Joshua generation. Our doubt, fear, and unbelief have died off in the wilderness. It’s time to step into our promise. The question is- are you more like the Exodus generation or the Joshua generation? Are you ready to cross over or will you retreat to a place of comfort and convenience? Now is our time to activate our faith and cross over to the other side.

Begin to activate your faith to reach your city. Let’s step into our ‘Jordan’ and take our City for Christ!

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